Welcome to N. Zahles Gymnasium. We are a private upper secondary school situated in the centre of Copenhagen, right next to Nørreport Station. We have 390 students across five lines of study, ranging from science to languages and social studies. The upper secondary school is part of a larger educational structure, N. Zahles Gymnasieskole, which also includes a primary and lower secondary section, a department for supplementary A-levels, and a department at the Ballet Academy at the Royal Theatre.

Our school was founded in 1851 by Nathalie Zahle as the first Danish school exclusively for girls. Striving to improve women’s opportunities in education, Nathalie Zahle wished to create a school that would produce pupils who were highly qualified in the academic field and at the same time engaged and competent citizens in their society. Rising to the challenges of the contemporary world was a major priority in Nathalie Zahle’s educational vision. Zahles Gymnasium was founded on the Lutheran creed, but today welcomes students from all religions and non-believers equally. We still cherish our founder’s social and ethical values and we maintain a number of traditions that go back to the early history of the school. Among these you will find our morning assembly.

We offer teaching of a high academic standard, we make an extra effort to establish a conducive learning environment, and we aim at making our students thrive socially as well as personally. We are a small upper secondary school where everybody knows each other, and because of our location in the city centre, we are also able to include visits to various museums and political institutions in our curricular activities.

For further information please contact us on +45 3369 7900